Icelandic Burger Joint to Open London Branch


Icelandic Burger Joint to Open London Branch

The executives of the popular Icelandic burger joint, Hamborgarabúllan, which recently celebrated its eighth anniversary, aims to open a branch in central London in mid-May. The original restaurant is based at the harbor area in Reykjavík but it also operates at four other locations in the capital region.


From London. Photo by Páll Stefánsson.

“We have facilities in central London, in a street that lies adjacent to Oxford Street,” Hamborgarabúllan’s owner, Tómas A. Tómasson, told Viðskiptablaðið.

The London branch will be operated in partnership with Hallur Dan Johansen and Valgarður Sörensen, who own Laundromat Café on Austurstræti in central Reykjavík and the restaurant Úrilla górillan on Stórhöfði, which is also set to open in Austurstræti soon.

Róbert Aron Magnússon, who recently established the website, also participates in Hamborgarabúllan’s move to the UK.

Tómas said the restaurant’s look will be similar as in Iceland—it is to generate an old vibe, and “look as if it’s been there for a long time”—and the menu will be the same.

He believes his hamburgers will prove as popular in Britain as they have in Iceland; also, there are many Icelanders who live in London who are expected to welcome the restaurant.

As to why he decided to take on foreign markets, Tómas replied that it is probably the Viking blood running through his veins. “It is always the dream of conquering the world.”


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