Icelandic Artwork Watched Over in Hull


Icelandic Artwork Watched Over in Hull

A bronze statue by Icelandic artist Steinunn Þórarinsdóttir will be unveiled in the English seaport Hull on May 7. Its predecessor was stolen in July last year and the new statue will hence be monitored with security cameras around the clock.


"För", or "Voyage", in Vík. Photo by Bernhild Vögel.

Steinunn originally made two bronze statues called “Voyage”. One was intended for Hull but the other is located in Vík in south Iceland, reports.

Two persons were arrested on suspicion of the theft of the Hull statue at the time but later released. The statue remains missing. The local police believe it might have been stolen because of the value of the metal, which worth was estimated at ISK 365,000 (USD 2,900, EUR 2,200).

According to the BBC, Hull city authorities have spent GBP 40,000 (ISK 8 million, USD 64,000, EUR 49,000) for a reproduction of the statue and will make sure that it won’t be stolen again by watching over it 24-7.

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