Kylie Minogue Performs Song by Icelandic Band


Kylie Minogue Performs Song by Icelandic Band

Australian singer Kylie Minogue performed a song written by the Icelandic band Múm in the movie Jack and Diane, which recently premiered at the recent Tribeca festival. Múm wrote the entire score for the movie, which is by American director Bradley Rust Grey.


Kylie Minogue. Source: Wikipedia.

Band member Gunnar Tynes flew to London last autumn where he met Minogue and they recorded the song, Fréttablaðið reports.

“It is not the typical pop song we might have written for Minogue but we rather wrote it with the film in mind,” Gunnar said, admitting that he is a fan of the pop star.

“Especially after I met her. She gets top marks as a person. She is a real toughie but very sympathetic,” Gunnar added. Múm is working on a new album to be released early next year.


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