Bobby Fischer Museum to Open in Selfoss


Bobby Fischer Museum to Open in Selfoss

A museum in honor of chess grandmaster Bobby Fischer will open in the town of Selfoss, South Iceland.


Photo by Páll Kjartansson.

The chess club of Selfoss and the surrounding areas will open the museum on the upper floor of the old bank in Selfoss on Austurvegur 21, and report.

The museum will feature a permanent exhibition on the so-called Duel of the Century, which took place in Reykjavík in 1972 between Fischer and Boris Spassky.

Fisher had faced extradition from Japan to the United States after defying a US boycott and playing Spassky in the former Yugoslavia. He moved to Iceland when he was granted Icelandic citizenship in 2005, and passed away here three years later, in 2008. His grave lies in a cemetery near Selfoss.ZR

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