Iceland Police Lacks New Equipment


Iceland Police Lacks New Equipment

A report by the Ministry of the Interior and the National Commissioner of the Icelandic Police has outlined the need for new equipment for the police. Basic police equipment used in specific police actions is extremely limited, according to the report.

police_ipaPhoto copyright Icelandic Photo Agency.

One example of outdated equipment listed in the report is shooting vests which were used from 1995 to 2005, reports.

In meetings held between the Police Commissioner and police teams around the country, police stated that it they were unable to solve certain cases due to lack of funding and employees.

According to the Police Commissioner, the number of police officers needs to be increased.

Police in Iceland are reportedly also unable to cope with extensive cases such as a response to a terrorism threat, action against organized crime and border control. The report concludes that a three-year action plan for strengthening the police is needed.


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