Icelandic Ram Penises Exported to China


Icelandic Ram Penises Exported to China

Two tons of ram penises from SS meat processing company in Selfoss, South Iceland, are on their way to China and markets in Asia. In Chinese cuisine, ram penises are often deep fried.

sheep-roundup2007_esaPhoto by Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir.

The meat comes from 50,000 ram lambs which were slaughtered this past autumn.

Production manager at SS Guðmundur Svavarsson told that the meat is considered a delicacy in Asia. Guðmundur admitted that he had never tasted it but would be open to it and encouraged others who felt so inclined to do so.

He couldn’t promise that ram penises would be sold on the Icelandic market anytime soon, though. However, ram testicles are a regular feature at Icelandic þorrablót mid-winter feasts.


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