Rabbits a Menace at Icelandic Farms


Rabbits a Menace at Icelandic Farms

The spread of wild rabbits is increasingly becoming a problem in Iceland. Near Selfoss, South Iceland, farmers have complained of rabbits gnawing their way into bales of hay wrapped in plastic.

rabbits01_zrRabbits in Ellidaárdalur valley in Reykjavík. Photo by Zoë Robert.

Once the hay is exposed to the air, it begins to rot. The bales are valued at around ISK 12,000 (USD 95, EUR 72) each.

Some farmers have reportedly tried to catch the rabbits in traps but that has not been very successful. According to one farmer who spoke with visir.is, the mild climate and food source such as the hay could mean that the species becomes a serious pest in parts of Iceland.

In September, rabbits were being considered a part of Icelandic fauna due to their extensive spread.

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