Bonfires around Reykjavík Tonight


Bonfires around Reykjavík Tonight

Brennur, or bonfires, will be held at ten locations in Reykjavík today. The locations are: Ægisíða, Geirsnef, Rauðavatn, Gufunes and Valhúsahæð with smaller bonfires being held at Skerjafjörður, Suðurhlíð, Valbjarnarvöllur, Suðurfell, Kléberg and Úlfarsfell.

Photo by Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

The fires will be lit at around 8:30 pm with the exception of that in Úlfarsfell, which starts at 2:30 pm.

Families and friends gather around the bonfire before heading home to see Áramótaskaupið a satire television comedy everyone in Iceland watches on New Year’s Eve.

At midnight, the sky over Reykjavík is set alight with fireworks.

Click here for a map of the location of the bonfires.