Reykjavík’s Sister Cities


Reykjavík’s Sister Cities

How many sister cites does Reykjavík have? Is it 20, 202—all the world’s capitals—58 or 17?

rvkcitycenter-ingolfstorg_psPhoto: Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

Seventeen. All the Nordic capitals and some more obscure ones like Strumica, a city in eastern Macedonia near the Novo Selo-Petrich border crossing with Bulgaria.

Named after the Strumica River which passes through it, the town and surrounding region has about 100,000 inhabitants.

Here is a list of Reykjavík’s sister cities. Note that there’s no Dublin, London (but rather Kingston upon Hull), Tallin or Riga on the list:

Baku (Azerbaijan) Caracas (Venezuela) Copenhagen (Denmark) Helsinki (Finland) Kingston upon Hull (UK) La Paz (Bolivia) Moscow (Russia) Nuuk (Greenland) Oslo (Norway) Saint Petersburg (Russia) Seattle (USA) Stockholm (Sweden) Strumica (Macedonia) Tórshavn (Faroe Islands) Vilnius (Lithuania) Winnipeg (Canada) Zevenaar (Holland)


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