Icelander Arrested for Unruly Behavior aboard Flight


Icelander Arrested for Unruly Behavior aboard Flight

A 46-year-old Icelandic national on his way to Trinidad and Tobago got his 15 minutes of fame on Friday after he was arrested for unruly behavior aboard an Icelandair flight.

icelandair-flugvel_psPhoto: Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

The man, who lives and works as a civil engineer in the Caribbean state, was duct-taped to his seat (click here to view a picture) onboard an Icelandair flight from Keflavík to JFK airport in New York after having spat on, and attempted to choke and grope, several passengers, reports.

The police apprehended the man on arrival and escorted him to Jamaica Hospital where he was treated for alcohol poisoning after drinking duty free hard liquor on the plane.

Federal authorities have reportedly declined to prosecute the case but Icelandair will take legal action. The man has also been blacklisted from Icelandair flights, making it difficult for him to visit friends and family in Iceland.

The story has appeared widely in the local and international media, as well as on social media and blogs.


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