Trust in Recycling Centers Low in Reykjavík


Trust in Recycling Centers Low in Reykjavík

Around half of Reykjavík residents believe their garbage is not recycled at waste management centers despite their efforts to sort it at home.

trash_in_reykjavik_jbPhoto: Júlíana Björnsdóttir/Iceland Review.

According to a recent survey by Sorpa waste management company, around a quarter of respondents say they have little or very little confidence that sorted garbage is recycled.

The number of people who trust that their garbage is recycled has decreased since 2003 when over 70 percent believed that their garbage was recycled.

Despite a lack of confidence in the system, the number of people who sort their garbage for recycling has increased in recent years.

Department manager at Sorpa Ragna Halldórsdóttir told RÚV that the company rejected that sorted garbage was not recycled.

“We are a certified company and do what we say we do. We maintain that all sorted garbage is recycled.”


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