Icelandic Filmmaker Sells Script to Adam Sandler


Icelandic Filmmaker Sells Script to Adam Sandler

“One could say I’m starting on top; it’s a dream come true,” commented Icelandic filmmaker Gestur Valur Svansson after signing a contract on Hollywood actor and producer Adam Sandler’s purchase of his screenplay yesterday.

adam_sandler_wikiAdam Sandler. Source: Wikipedia.

The movie has the working title The Last Orgasm. Gestur wouldn’t reveal any details about the plot to Fréttablaðið.

Gestur met Sandler in Los Angeles in early 2010 where he presented his idea. A long process followed which ended with the signing of the contract yesterday.

After the initial meeting, Sandler contacted Gestur last autumn asking him to send a sample, 15-20 pages. “He responded immediately, said he loved it and asked me to fly out straight away,” Gestur stated.

Gestur, who is best known for having had part in writing the popular Shift series in Iceland, will co-author the screenplay for Sandler with Hollywood writers.

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