The Cost of Snow in Akureyri


The Cost of Snow in Akureyri

The total cost of clearing snow in the municipality of Akureyri in 2012 was ISK 90 million (USD 711,000, EUR 525,000), exceeding the ISK 60 million budget by 50 percent.

akureyri_innbaerinn_snow_psThe oldest part of Akureyri, Innbærinn. Photo: Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

November and December were by far the most expensive months, each of which cost the municipality ISK 27 million in snow removal, reports.

In 2011, the total cost of snow removal was ISK 75 million.

Last year, January was the month the municipality used the most sand to counter slippery conditions, spreading 288 tons in 85 trips.

The forecast for Akureyri is good for the next few days, but snowfall is forecast for Friday.


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