Cheap to Rent Apartments in Ísafjörður


Cheap to Rent Apartments in Ísafjörður

To rent a flat in the West Fjords costs less than half of what it costs in Vesturbær, the western part of Reykjavík, which has the highest rental prices in Iceland, Ísafjörður newspaper Bæjarins Besta reports.

isafjordur-town-center_goÍsafjörður. Archive photo: Geir Ólafsson/Iceland Review.

The price per square meter is ISK 847 (USD 6.73, EUR 5.06) in Ísafjörður and ISK 1,813 (USD 14.42, EUR 10.84) in Vesturbær and Seltjarnarnes, the town that borders on the western suburb of the capital.

North Iceland, excluding Akureyri, has the second-lowest rental price, ISK 920 (USD 7.31, EUR5.50) per square meter.


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