Icelandic Musicians to Play 200 Concerts in March


Icelandic Musicians to Play 200 Concerts in March

A record 200 concerts by Icelandic musicians are scheduled abroad for the month of March.

ofmonstersandmen_rvk_park_2012_zrOf Monsters and Men play in London tomorrow night. Photo: Zoë Robert/Iceland Review.Tonight ten Icelandic artists and bands are scheduled to hold concerts abroad. These include Sigur Rós in Manchester, Sólstafir in Berlin, Pascal Pinon in Milan, and FM Belfast in New York, according to Icelandic Music Export. According to director of Iceland Music Export, Sigtryggur Baldursson, 187 concerts are listed for March, but not all concerts are on the list so there will likely be around 200 gigs this month.

“This is a total surprise. We thought we had reached a peak last summer with 70 concerts in a single month. We thought that was a lot and now there are around 200, which I find really funny.” Sigtyggur told


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