Streets Reopen in Reykjavík, Buses Start Running


Streets Reopen in Reykjavík, Buses Start Running

Most main streets in the capital have reopened after today’s blizzard made them impassable. The four main lines of the Reykjavík buses will start running again as of 4 pm. Parents, who were asked not to pick up their kids from school earlier, can do so now.

snow_esaArchive photo: Eygló Svala Arnarsdóttir/Iceland Review

The traffic jam on Vesturlandsvegur that leads out of the capital to the north didn’t budge for almost five hours since early this morning. According to a rough estimate, almost 1,000 cars were stuck on the road at the edge of Grafarholt suburb, reports.

People who were stuck with hungry children in their cars were asked to call emergency hotline 112 for assistance.

iceland_map_modisA MODIS satellite image of Iceland taken yesterday.

A total of 800 emergency calls were made to 112 before noon today. The emergency hotline’s managing director, Þórhallur Ólafsson, told that this was probably a new record.


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