Daredevils Ski Iceland’s West Fjords


Daredevils Ski Iceland’s West Fjords

A group of adventure sports enthusiasts made the most of the good weather in the West Fjords over the last couple of days.

Eighteen photographers, journalists and professional skiers are currently in the region to work on a new booklet for outdoor clothing company Marmot.

Three members of the group skied or snowboarded their way down Hrófarsteinsgil canyon from the top of Kirkjubólsfjall, the steep mountain opposite Ísafjörður, bb.is reports.

Among the professional athletes were daredevil Roman Rohrmoser and Nina Schlesener, one of the best known ice climbers in Europe and the youngest female mountain guide in Germany, as well as snowboarder Alex Hoffman and filmmaker Dani Regensburger (Time for the Whiteroom, 2012), bb.is reports.

“This is undoubtedly the most challenging environment that they can experience in Iceland,” commented Smári Guðnason, marketing manager of outdoor recreation equipment store Fjallakofinn, one of the companies with which organized the group’s trip.


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