Icelandic Goat Trains Dogs


Icelandic Goat Trains Dogs

A goat named Gilitrutt (after a famous Icelandic troll) has started to work at the dog training school Gallerí Voff.

goats_psIcelandic goats. Photo: Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

Ásta Dóra Ingadóttir, who has run the school since 1991, told that Gilitrutt is not afraid of dogs. “She is a little bit wild and afraid of people, but I have heard people talking nicely about goats, so I have no worries.”

The goat will assist in the lessons in the hope that the dogs trained at the school will not have unnecessary interest in sheep or goats.

This is the first time that Ásta Dóra uses a goat to train dogs and it is not yet known whether she will need to enlist the help of sheep, which she says she has worked with and are reliable workers.


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