One Vote is Not One Vote in Iceland’s Election


One Vote is Not One Vote in Iceland’s Election

A candidate in the Iceland’s Southwest constituency needs 82 percent more votes to be elected to Alþingi, Iceland's parliament, than a candidate in the Northwest constituency, 4,858 votes compared with 2,668 votes.

althingi-parliament_ipaPhoto: Icelandic Photo Agency.

In the Southwest (the capital’s suburbs) there are 63,154 voters listed and 13 parliamentarians, compared to 21,340 voters and eight parliamentarians in the Northwest constituency, reports.

Meanwhile, in the Northeast constituency 2,905 votes are needed and 4,142 in Reykjavík North for a candidate to earn a seat in parliament. In Reykjavík South, 4,109 votes are behind each elected parliamentarian and 3,364 in the South constituency.


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