Iceland’s Parliamentary Election: Final Results


Iceland’s Parliamentary Election: Final Results


Alþingi parliament

Photo: Páll Kjartansson.

Iceland’s opposition parties, the Independence Party and Progressive Party, have secured 51 percent of the vote and 19 seats each in yesterday’s parliamentary election with 193, 792 votes, or 100 percent of the vote, counted.


Photo: Páll Kjartansson/Iceland Review.

The ruling coalition parties have lost a combined 27.7 percent of the vote from the last election. The Social Democratic Alliance have lost 11 seats, down from 20, and the Left-Green Movement have lost seven, down to 14. With 74.8 percent of the vote, it was the worst result for the four biggest parties, the Independence Party, Progressive Party, Social Democratic Alliance and Left-Green Movement, since 1987 when the parties secured just 74.6 percent. At the last election in 2009, the parties won 90 percent of the vote, reports. The final results:

Independence Party: 26.7 percent (up by 3 percent), 19 seats Progressive Party: 24.4 percent (up by 9.6 percent), 19 seats Social Democratic Alliance: 12.9 percent (down by 16.9 percent), 9 seats Left-Green Movement: 10.9 percent (down by 10.8 percent), 7 seats Bright Future: 8.2 percent (new party), 6 seats Pirate Party: 5.1 percent (new party), 3 seats Click here for a list of the candidates elected (in Icelandic).

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