No Signs of Warmth in Iceland after Cold April


No Signs of Warmth in Iceland after Cold April

After a cold April, the Icelandic Met Office does not foresee warming temperatures in the coming days. Over the weekend northerly winds are forecast and no thaw is expected in the still snow-covered North and East Iceland.


Iceland on May 1. Courtesy of the Icelandic Met Office.

Last month was the coldest April in Reykjavík since 2000 and the coldest in Akureyri since 1990. However, the capital was unusually sunny with 200 hours of sunshine last month. It is believed to be the third sunniest April in Reykjavík since weather information was first recorded in 1857.

“It isn’t particularly unusual to have a cold spell in April but one hopes it will be frost-free from now on,” horticultural manager of Reykjavík City Þórólfur Jónsson told Fréttablaðið as continued frost might damage plants.

However, a new cold record for May has already been set, reports.

The temperature at Grímsstaðir á Fjöllum, East of Lake Mývatn, dropped to -17.6°C (0.3°F) on May 1. The old record was -17.4°C on May 1, 1977, in Möðrudalur á Fjöllum.


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