EasyJet Flies Ton of Icelandic Volcanic Ash to the U.K.


EasyJet Flies Ton of Icelandic Volcanic Ash to the U.K.

Last weekend easyJet and its partners Airbus and Nicarnica flew a ton of volcanic ash from Iceland, collected by the University of Iceland’s Institute of Earth Sciences, to the U.K. for testing of the AVOID technology by Airbus and Oxford University.

eyjafjallajokull-black02_psThe Eyjafjallajökull eruption. Photo: Páll Stefansson/Iceland Review.

The ash, dried to create the consistency of fine talc, will be used in an experiment this summer where an Airbus test plane will disperse the ash into the atmosphere and simulate an ash cloud for the second Airbus plane, itv.com reports.

The second test aircraft will be equipped with the AVOID technology, which is supposed to be able to detect and avoid volcanic ash at over 30,000 feet.

“The threat from Icelandic volcanoes continues and so finalising the approval of the AVOID technology is as crucial now as ever to ensure we never again see the scenes of spring 2010 when all flying ceased for several days,” stated Engineering Director at easyJet Ian Davies.

The 2010 volcanic eruption in Eyjafjallajökull, South Iceland, disrupted air travel around the globe for days, resulting in substantial financial losses for airlines.


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