What Will Icelandic-American Footballer Aron Do?


What Will Icelandic-American Footballer Aron Do?

Today coach of the Icelandic football (soccer) team Lars Lagerbäck will announce the group of players who will play in the World Cup qualifying game against Slovenia in Reykjavík on June 7.

aron_johannsson_wikiAron Jóhannsson. Photo: Wikipedia.

Will AZ Alkmaar player Aron Jóhannsson be on the team sheet? Or will the coach for the U.S. team, Jürgen Klinsmann, make the call; the U.S. plays Jamaica the same day, visir.is reports.

Aron was born in Mobile, Alabama, in 1990 and lived there for the first three years of his life, and has dual citizenship. If he gets the call from both coaches he will have to make a quick decision. He is yet to play an international match but would be tied permanently to the international team he chooses.


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