World’s Best Record Store in Reykjavík?


World’s Best Record Store in Reykjavík?

Reviews editor at Gramophone magazine in the U.K., Andrew Mellor, asks whether the world’s best record store is located in Reykjavík, 12 Tónar.


Photo source: 12 Tónar's Facebook page.

As Mellor puts it: “You’ll want to find the back room, though, because there—on a sink-in sofa underneath playfully positioned black-and-white portraits of great Icelandic musicians—you can take any CD from the shelves and listen to it on a genuine compact disc player. Not listen to sample of it, not click somewhere on a screen to have it suddenly and uncontrollably blast into being, but open the box, peruse the booklet, fondle the silver disc, clip it onto its little bracket and spin off into a full experience of the whole, finished product. Then … one of the staff will arrive with that espresso you asked for a few minutes ago.”

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