Club Ginola “Best Amateur Football Team in Iceland”


Club Ginola “Best Amateur Football Team in Iceland”

The most famous sports journalist in Iceland, Guðmundur Benediktsson, said in a recent interview with, that the amateur football (soccer) club Ginola is by far the best amateur club in Iceland.

ginolaGinola. Photo courtesy of the team.

According to Guðmundur, the team is playing such good football that they are even better than some professional clubs in Iceland.

The players, like Davíð "Hápressa" ('high pressure') Stefánsson and Magnús "Hr. Ísland" ('Mr Iceland') Helgason, could, if they wanted, play in any profession club in Spain, excluding Barcelona.

The team made it to the final eight in the annual Pollamót last weekend, a football competition in Akureyri for the over 30s (over 20s for women) who want to show that they haven’t lost their touch.

To cater to the participants’ age, each football game runs for just 24 minutes instead of the regular 90.


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