First Cattle Arrive in Vestmannaeyjar after Eruption


First Cattle Arrive in Vestmannaeyjar after Eruption

The first cattle were moved to Vestmannaeyjar (‘Westman Islands’) since the islands were evacuated in the volcanic eruption on January 23, 1973—40 years ago—on Sunday. All the cattle were slaughtered following the Eldfell eruption.

farming_ipaCopyright: Icelandic Photo Agency.

The newcomers to Heimaey, the archipelago’s largest and only inhabited island, are two young bulls which will be bred for their meat. Farmer Guðjón Rögnvaldsson told local news website that he doesn’t expect dairy cows to follow.

Forty years ago there were large cattle herds in Vestmannaeyjar with the largest dairy farm having 50 cows. The farm was operated by local authorities for 20 years. There were several other cattle farms on Heimaey as well.


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