‘Sleeping Beauty’ Certified Icelandic Female Name


‘Sleeping Beauty’ Certified Icelandic Female Name

The Icelandic Naming Committee has approved the name Þyrnirós for girls. The name means ‘thorned rose’ and is the Icelandic name for Sleeping Beauty. The name was approved as it fulfills the grammatical conditions for Icelandic human names.

baby_psPhoto: Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

Rós is a common female name, as are other names with the suffix – rós, including Sigurrós, which translates as (‘victory rose’), made famous by the eponymous band.

According to mbl.is, the committee also approved the male name Auðberg and female name Vanný at its last meeting on July 5.


07.01.2013 | No Arbitrary Decisions by Iceland Name Committee


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