Reykjavík Airport Petition Trumps Icesave


Reykjavík Airport Petition Trumps Icesave

The campaign group Hjartað í Vatnsmýrinni, fighting to keep Reykjavík Domestic Airport in its current location, has collected more than 59,000 signatures on, which exceeds the 56,000 signatures collected in protest of the Icesave agreement in early 2010.

airplane-rvkairport-vatnsmyri_pkPhoto: Páll Kjartansson/Iceland Review.

The campaign’s organizers point out that this has become the biggest petition ever seen in Iceland. A quarter of the country’s eligible voters have already signed the petition and people still have three weeks to sign their names in support of undisturbed air traffic in Vatnsmýri in central Reykjavík, Morgunblaðið reports.

Campaigners reason that the airport’s location, at such a short distance from Landspítali National University Hospital, is vital for the safety of patients in Iceland.

Yesterday a group picture was taken at Akureyri Airport as part of the campaign, to represent the number of people in need of ambulance flights each year.


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