Reykjavík: DUI Offender Incarcerated


Reykjavík: DUI Offender Incarcerated

Last night, around midnight, the Reykjavík Police received notification that a car collision had taken place, with the driver fleeing from the scene.

policecar_psPhoto by Páll Stefánsson.Shortly thereafter the police found the car at a nearby one-way street, parked in the opposing direction. It was damaged after the incident. reports this today.

The police officers were quick to find the offender, a thirty-year-old man, at a nearby bar where he had decided to carry on drinking. Upon arresting him they discovered that not only was he inebriated; he had also been using illegal drugs.

The offender was placed in custody, and was questioned once he had sobered up.

No one was hurt in the car collision.


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