Secrets behind ‘Winter Paradise’ Shot Revealed


Secrets behind ‘Winter Paradise’ Shot Revealed

Israeli photographer Erez Marom revealed his secrets behind his nighttime shot from Lake Mývatn, Northeast Iceland, in an article on the website of Digital Photography Review earlier this week.


Marom is a regular visitor to Iceland and runs winter photography workshops to the country. During scouting for the workshops in February this year, he experienced what he describes as a light-show unlike any he’d ever seen before.

“The green streak suddenly separated from the horizon, rising higher and higher until it was all the way up in the night sky. In a matter of minutes it gained strength and size, until suddenly the sky just exploded with color. It was by far the most amazing natural event I’d ever witnessed. Spirals of green, red, purple and turquoise were dancing in front of my eyes, hypnotizing me and stirring very strong emotions.”

Marom also published his secrets behind a nighttime shot he took at Kirkjufell, West Iceland, last month.

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22.09.2013 | Photographer Reveals Secrets behind Kirkjufell Shot