Has the U.S. Tapped Icelandic Politicians’ Phones?


Has the U.S. Tapped Icelandic Politicians’ Phones?

ogmundur-jonasson_radherraFormer Minister of the Interior Ögmundur Jónasson of the Left-Green Movement asks in an entry on his blog on Sunday whether U.S. authorities have tapped the phones of Icelandic politicians, following news of German Chancellor Angela Merkel’s phone having being tapped.

On his blog, Ögmundur criticizes the spying of U.S. secret services on national leaders and thousands, or hundreds of thousands, of other people brought to light by “democratic informer” Edward Snowden.

While the Icelandic Ministry for Foreign Affairs has expressed opposition to and concern over the matter, the ministry has yet to demand that U.S. authorities formally answer whether the phones of Icelandic politicians have also been tapped, he points out.

If this is the case, it must also be revealed who has been targeted and why, Ögmundur states, and he will therefore make sure that these questions will be asked and the answers made public.

He concludes that this would not be the first time that Icelandic citizens have been spied upon, which is a violation of Icelandic law and the country’s constitution.


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