Rocks Fall on Trail at Þingvellir


Rocks Fall on Trail at Þingvellir

Large rocks fell into Almannagjá canyon at Þingvellir yesterday. Almannagjá is part of the continental rift between Europe and America. Ólafur Örn Haraldsson, ranger at Þingvellir National Park, told RÚV radio that the rocks, which weighed up to two tons, had posed a real danger and it was lucky that no tourists were walking down the trail at the time of the incident.

almannagja_hrunThe rocks in Almannagjá. Photo from RÚV.

The place where the rocks fell has been fenced off so that there should be no danger now for those walking down the path. Almannagjá is one of the most popular sites for domestic and foreign tourists.

Ólafur Örn said that he suspected that the first frost of winter had caused the rocks to fall.


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