CNN Publishes Guide on “How to be a Reykjavíker”


CNN Publishes Guide on “How to be a Reykjavíker”

CNN offers some tips on how best to fit in in Reykjavík in an article published yesterday. Among the suggestions are that you “get the hip outdoorsy look,” and cultivate a love for shark meat and beer.

ofmonstersandmen_rvk_park_2012_crowd_2_zrPhoto: Zoë Robert/Iceland Review.

When it comes to fashion, the article recommends that you opt for warm and bright. “Your outerwear should be as bright as possible and worn over a T-shirt bearing the logo of the latest hot emo or death metal band.” Icelanders jokes are “so dry they can be hard to digest” but you’ll have to get comfortable with all the familiar faces with just 200,000 people in the greater Reykjavík area. Then there’s the importance of “hot tub talk,” the tradition of chatting about the weather and politics at the swimming pool.

Using the phrase “That’s so 2007,” is also a must, the article states, when you want to refer to something extravagant or excessive. It refers to the period before the banking crash.

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