Killer Whale Sound to Drive Herring out of Fjord


Killer Whale Sound to Drive Herring out of Fjord

The sound of killer whales will be used to try to push the herring out of Kolgrafafjörður, West Iceland, reports.

kolgrafafjordur_PSKolgrafafjörður. Photo: Páll Stefánsson/Iceland Review.

Up to 50,000 tons of herring died in the fjord late last year and earlier this year. There are concerns that another such incident will occur after fish started filling the fjord again late last week. The fish are believed to have died due to lack of oxygen in the fjord caused by a landfill and bridge constructed across the fjord in December 2004.

Due to poor weather conditions, the operation was put on hold yesterday.

Click here to listen to the sound of the killer whales (starts at around 1:00 minute in).


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