Long-Legged Visitor in Ísafjörður


Long-Legged Visitor in Ísafjörður

A poisonous skull spider (Pholcus phalangioides), named so due to its cephalothorax which resembles a human skull, was found in Ísafjörður airport, the West Fjords, earlier this week.

skullspider_wikipediaSkull Spider. Photo: Wikipedia.

Originally a species restricted to warmer parts of the West Palearctic, with the help of humans this synanthrope is now rearing its head across a large part of the globe – now all the way to Ísafjörður, dv.is reports.

Because they originated in the subtropics, these spiders do not appear to be influenced by seasonal changes and are able to breed at any time of the year.

This is the first time this visitor has been spotted in the West Fjords, but specimens of this subtropical spider have been found in Reykjavík since 1988. The spider carries poison, but a human must be attacked by an army of skull spiders in order to get sick.


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