Boats from Bolungarvík Biggest Catchers


Boats from Bolungarvík Biggest Catchers


Bolungarvík harbor. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Five fishing boats from Bolungarvík, in the West Fjords, were among the top six smaller fishing boats in Iceland with the biggest catches in 2013, reports.

Boats from Bolungarvík occupied the top four spots. On top was Fríða Dagmar ÍS with 1,992 tons in 277 days at sea. Hálfdán Einarsson ÍS was second, followed by Einar Hálfdáns ÍS and Bliki ÍS.

In sixth place was the 2012 winner. The boat changed its name from Sirrí ÍS to Hrólfur Einarsson ÍS last year and a new owner took over. The boat is now based in the nearby fishing village of Flateyri.

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