Bottled Messages Wash up on Langanes


Bottled Messages Wash up on Langanes


Langanes peninsula. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Langanes peninsula bends into the Atlantic from the north-east corner of Iceland. Guðjón Gamalíelsson from Þórshöfn on Langanes often takes a stroll along the coast and finds many interesting things, among others bottled messages.

Lately, he has come across quite a few letters from Klakksvik in the Faroe Islands, bottled on Sailor’s Day and sent off on their voyage. Morgunblaðið reports that in late January Guðjón found four bottles with mail between the deserted farms of Hrollaugsstaðir and Selvík. One of the letters was from Norway, two were from Icelanders and the other from Klakksvik.

The Klakksvik message was sent in August last year by a nine-year-old boy, Asbjorn Tjaldraflotti. The Icelandic messages were older. One was written in 2008 by Þuríður Kvaran Guðmundsdóttir, who was at sea when she sent the message. The other letter was sent in October 1999 by Friðþjófur Jónsson from Ólafsfjörður.

Guðjón informs the senders that he has found their messages. If you plan on sending him a message, the zip-code for Þórshöfn is 680.

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