Looking for Disaster? Head to Hólmavík


Looking for Disaster? Head to Hólmavík


Hólmavík on a good day.Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

The festival Hörmungardagar, or Disaster Days, will be held in Hólmavík in the West Fjords’ Strandir region, for the first time this weekend. This new cultural Friday to Sunday festival will have both local and foreign participants, from Finland and Canada, bb.is reports.

On Friday’s program, among other activities, is a course in self-pity, a complaint service and an ugly dance performance.

On Saturday, head to the library to find bad books and later listen to the worst Eurovision songs and the worst poem competition, where very bad coffee will be served. In the local church, sad (and bad) songs will be performed.

On Sunday, an anger management game will be held and a program about what has happened in the region.

The festival is directed by Ester Ösp Valdimarsdóttir, the so-called spare time manager of the Strandir region.

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