Cream Puff Day in Iceland


Cream Puff Day in Iceland

Cream puff

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Today is Bolludagur, or 'Cream Puff Day,' in Iceland. Bakers were busy making cream puffs over the weekend, because today Icelanders are expected to consume over one million of the sweet creamy buns.

Buns made of melted butter, flour, eggs and water and filled with cream are the traditional and most popular cream puffs.

Other varieties include cream puffs with strawberries, black currant, fresh fruit. Meat balls and fish balls are also popular on this day.

Cream Puff Day is always on a Monday seven weeks before Easter. Traditionally, children wake their parents up by spanking them with specially made cream puff sticks and are given one cream puff for each blow.

The tradition was introduced in Iceland in the early 19th century

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