Police Release Call Transcript from Angry Driver


Police Release Call Transcript from Angry Driver

Mosfellsheiði snowstorm

Photo: Vegagerðin.

The police in Selfoss, South Iceland, have released a transcript of a phone call it received yesterday because of the closure of Hellisheiði mountain pass between Reykjavík and the town of Hveragerði following a snowstorm which hit, leaving many stranded, reports. Drivers were also stranded on Mosfellsheiði mountain pass (pictured).

Caller: I am on the road near Hveragerði, and there is barrier blocking the road.

Police: That is right, Hellisheiði is closed because of the snowstorm.

Caller: I absolutely must get to Reykjavík. What should I do?

Police: Þrengsin (another road connecting Reykjavík and South Iceland) is open.

Caller: Then I will be late. What are you going to about that?

Police: Nothing, I will do nothing.

Caller: You cannot just close the road without letting people know in advance. I would have left before noon if I would have known that you were closing the road.

Police: Sorry, I do not control the weather and there was a weather warning issued.

Caller: I don't have time to be always checking the weather. I just trust that you will have the roads open.

Police: I would like to have equipment and the power to do that but sometimes it just goes this way.

Caller: And who is going to refund the movie tickets I bought? The police are always saying the same bullshit. (The caller then hung up).

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