Old GPS Maps Get Tourists into Trouble


Old GPS Maps Get Tourists into Trouble


From Grímsstaðir on Ring Road 1 between Jökuldalur and Lake Mývatn. Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

The search and rescue team in rural Jökuldalur valley, East Iceland, has had to rescue tourists stuck in snow on the old road on Möðrudalsöræfi mountain pass, connecting East and North Iceland, nine times over the past year, ruv.is reports. The road is not in use anymore.

The new road, on Ring Road 1, built eight years ago, is not on GPS maps which have not been updated. Sindri Freyr Sigurðsson, sheep farmer at the farm Aðalból and chair of Jökull search and rescue team, told RÚV that tourists often follow GPS devices blindly. According to Sindri, some smaller car rental firms even rent out cars with outdated maps.

The latest mobile devices, like Android with Google maps, and Nokia with HERE maps, are up to date.

There are between 10 and 15 active members in the search and rescue club Jökull.


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