One Third of Icelanders Happy with Opposition



One Third of Icelanders Happy with Opposition

By Zoë Robert
Alþingi, Iceland's parliament

Photo: Páll Kjartansson.

Around one third of Icelanders are happy with the opposition, according to a new poll conducted by Capacent Gallup. Meanwhile, one third are unhappy and roughly 37 percent are neither happy nor unhappy with the opposition. The poll is the first on the approval rating of the opposition conducted by Capacent Gallup this term, reports.

The approval rating has increased since the last term when the current ruling coalition parties—the Progressive Party and the Independence Party—were in the opposition. In November 2010, around 16 percent of the nation was happy with the opposition. That increased to one fifth in December 2010.

The poll found that people living in the capital area are happier with the opposition than those living in the countryside. Those who have completed secondary school and university were also found to be happier with the opposition than those with less education.

The poll was conducted February 20-27. A total of 1,400 individuals were contacted at random. The response rate was 60 percent.


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