Police: Installation May Break Icelandic Flag Law


Police: Installation May Break Icelandic Flag Law

DesignMarch 2014

Photo: DesignMarch.

Police in the capital area have commented that the Icelandic flags which have been raised at the Reykjavík City Hall in celebration of the annual DesignMarch festival, which started yesterday, may be in violation of the flag law. Icelandic flags can only be displayed along with flags of other nations, ruv.is reports.

However, according to festival director, Greipur Gíslason, the flags are part of an installation of past proposals for the design of the Icelandic flag. The Icelandic flag is 100 years old and to mark the occasion, entries in a competition on redesigning the Icelandic flag were printed with the winning design—Iceland’s current flag, minus some modifications which have since been implemented—displayed at the City Hall. Greipur emphasized that the installation is not in violation of the law.

The exhibition Raise A Flag at gallery Þoka (Laugavegur 25) explores the possibilities of updating the current flag design with recent proposals.

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