Left Greens Plundered by Pirates


Left Greens Plundered by Pirates

Reykjavík City Hall

Reykjavík City Hall.Photo: Páll Kjartansson.

The Pirate Party is taking a lot of following from the Left Greens in Reykjavík, according to political professor Gunnar Helgi Kristinsson. A month ago, the Left Greens had a 10 percent support rating whereas now they have dropped to 6.5 percent. Gunnar told Rás 2 this morning that many things are complicating life for the Left Greens at the moment For example, one of their former leaders, Þorleifur Gunnlaugsson, is running for office on behalf of another party, Dögun (‘Dawn’).

“In addition, the arrival of the Pirate Party has taken a great deal of the Left Greens’ core following. So the Pirate Party is getting fair results, with about 10 percent in polls whether in the city or nationally,” he said.

According to a new Capacent poll, the Pirate Party would get 10 percent whereas the Left Greens would get seven percent.


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