High Flying Toilet Destroys Car


High Flying Toilet Destroys Car

A car which was damaged by a mysterious flying toilet

Photo: From visir.is.

A few days ago, Hubert Lewandowski parked his Volkswagen Golf at Sólvallargata in the western part of Reykjavík, to pick up his girlfriend and take her out to a coffee house.

After a short stop, coming back to his car, he found that a flying toilet had landed on the vehicle, destroying the front window and making the car un-drivable, Vísir.is reports.

“I did not know what to do,” Hubert said to Vísir; adding that the incident is completely out of this world. “I have no clue were the toilet came from, but as you can see on the car, it came from above.”

The car has remained parked at Sólvallargata since the incident, and Hubert is waiting for a friend to help him tow the Volkswagen Golf to a garage for repair.

Hubert, has not been in contact with the police and is going to fix his car soon, after being hit by a high flying toilet.

No likely explanations for the strange incident have yet been uncovered.

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