Icelandic Group Taking Aldi to Court


Icelandic Group Taking Aldi to Court

Saucy Fish Co packaging

Photo: Saucy Fish Co.

The Icelandic food production company, Icelandic Group has obtained a court order forcing the Aldi supermarket chain to stop selling a line of fish dishes.

The injunction is temporary, but means that Aldi UK will not be able to sell the products until after a court case scheduled for later this year. Icelandic Group claims the products in question are deliberately and unacceptably similar in design and concept to its own Saucy Fish Co brand, which has been on sale in Britain since 2011. Both products are ready meals with fish and sauce.

Aldi recently launched its similar product, which, according to RÚV, comes in similar packaging, with similar typeface to the Icelandic Group product. The Aldi version even uses the word “Saucy”, it is reported.

Icelandic Group’s Magnús Bjarnason says there is a level of danger starting a lawsuit against a player as big and powerful as Aldi, but that in this case they believe there is a clear case to prove that Aldi deliberately imitated the work of the Icelandic Group marketing department.

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