Busy Time for Emergency Services


Busy Time for Emergency Services

Police bike

Photo: Geir Ólafsson.

Incidents include two fires and an eight-car crash.

The Capital Region Fire Brigade this morning climbed through the window of a residence on Týsgata in Reykjavík to rescue a man whose cooking had burst into flames. The house luckily did not catch on fire, but the man was taken to hospital suffering from smoke inhalation, mbl.is reports.

A small boat fishing in Breiðafjörður off West Iceland also caught fire this morning. Other boats in the area were quickly on the scene and helped the boat’s lone occupant to extinguish the fire. The lifeboat from Rif, on the Snæfellsnes peninsula, later arrived to tow the stricken boat back to port.

In another incident this morning, a man lost control of a large 4x4 vehicle on Tangarhöfði in Reykjavík, shortly before 11.00. The car left the road and ended up in a car park, where it caused damage to seven other parked vehicles. The driver was taken to hospital, but luckily there was nobody in any of the parked cars. The Jeep-like 4x4 in question is said to have been a very powerful vehicle, with a new, bigger-than-standard engine recently installed, Vísir.is reports.

Over the weekend a man was stopped for illegally driving a quad bike on the streets of Keflavík, in Southwest Iceland. He was arrested when it became clear he had been drinking, according to mbl.is.

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