Two Arrested in Large Reykjavík Police Operation


Two Arrested in Large Reykjavík Police Operation

Police car

Photo: Páll Stefánsson.

Police Special Forces have been called out in central Reykjavík and two arrests were made.

A large consignment of police officers and armed Special Forces blocked off the corner of Grettisgata and Barónstígur in the center of Reykjavík on Sunday afternoon.

Such a large response unit was the talk of the town, and there was no explanation of the raid by police for almost a day afterwards.

Yesterday police told Ví that they were responding to reports of a break-in on Grettisgata. Special Forces are not usually called upon for such crimes, but in this case the break-in was being committed by two men police had been actively searching for.

The men have unspent prison time to serve and also owe money in fines.

The third individual arrested turned out to be a minor who police turned over to the Stuðlar youth rehabilitation center.

Vísir was the first outlet to report the incident on Sunday afternoon – an incident which grabbed the attention of most passers-by. Some decided to record proceedings on their phones, while police officers attempted to stop people taking photographs and videos. There has been some debate since about whether or not the police were within their rights to do so.

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