Icelandic Hamburger Restaurant Opens in Berlin


Icelandic Hamburger Restaurant Opens in Berlin


Photo: Facebook.

Icelandic hamburger restaurant Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar opened Tommi’s Burger Joint in Berlin on Friday. The restaurant is proving so popular that the hamburgers sold out two hours before closing time on its opening day.

One of the owners of the chain, Guðmundur Kristján Gunnarsson, told that they had initially planned to open in November but due to some bureaucratic setbacks, it had taken longer than planned. “It’s common here to have to wait four to eight weeks and have many meetings,” he said.

Guðmundur said that they had to constantly change the sign on the window announcing the opening. “First we were going to open in November, then December, January, February, March... We had to keep changing the sign and people were getting frustrated and some even thought it was some sort of commercial gimmick. But, then it all exploded when we opened on Friday and it was also crowded on Saturday,” he said.

Hamborgarabúlla Tómasar opened its first restaurant outside Iceland, in London, in 2012. A second restaurant followed late last year.


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