Top 10 in Iceland


Top 10 in Iceland



The oldest singles chart list in Iceland is compiled by state broadcaster RÚV’s radio station Rás 2 each week.

Here is the top 10 from last week, May 3 to May 10.

1. (8)* ‘No Prejudice’ by Pollapönk

2. (1) ‘Frá mér til ykkar’ by Ásgeir Trausti

3. (5) ‘Magic’ by Coldplay

4. (3) ‘No Rest for the Wicked’ by Lykke Li

5. (2) ‘I Walk on Water’ by Kaleo

6. (6) ‘Fever’ by Black Keys

7. (4) ‘Vaka’ by Eyþór Ingi and Atomskáldin

8. (-) ‘Þyngra en tárum taki’ by Ojba Rasta

9. (-) ‘Jealous (I Ain’t with it) by Chromeo

10. (9) ‘Ströndin’ by Mammút

*(The songs’ position in the previous week’s charts).

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